First Visit

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During your first visit you will be given a screening assessment, examination and a treatment/exercise protocol in the name of prevention, cure, increased performance, and decreased pain patterns.

In addition, our team will assess your movement and fitness functionality by a physical screening/assessment utilizing Functional Movement Systems. This system will help us identify full body weaknesses and asymmetries that are preventing you from being pain free and/or functioning at your full potential. We have found that chronic pain or even acute pain can be attributed to poor movement ability. Repeated normal or abnormal movement and/or sustained postures alter tissue characteristics, which eventually change the pattern of movement. If less than ideal, these movements can cause impairments and pain. Identifying these patterns is the key to outcome and treatment.Our healthcare team will walk you through a health risk assessment questionnaire which will help us gather information about lifestyle, habits and your family history. This combined with physical and lab tests will help us identify potential and existing health risks for cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, thyroid disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

At FIT our job is to help you reach your health and fitness goals, to help you identify areas at risk and to guide you into a program toward attaining your realistic health. Your body is an amazing instrument and it should not require long term weekly visits to your healthcare provider to maintain it. Our healthcare team will empower you to optimal health through exercise coaching, nutritional advice, and self-care strategies. We will enhance your ability to heal through joint adjustments, muscle work, rehabilitation exercises, physiotherapy and when necessary medical intervention. Pain/illness-free living is your destiny… Claim yours today at Functional Integrated Therapy. 

Click on the links below to download and print your new patient intake forms:      

Personal Injury Forms

AIPIP Duties Under Duress FIT
AIPIP Initial MVC History FIT
AIPIP New Patient Intake and Accident Questionnaire FIT
AIPIP Personal Affects Questionnaire FIT
AIPIP Previous Doctors and Accidents Health History FIT

Additional Forms

- Cash Medical
- Cash Therapy
- Medical Private Insurance
- Medicare Medical
- Medicare Therapy
- Therapy Private Insurance
- Workers Comp